Business Services
Business Services

Our One Stop center is a conduit for business and employer information.  Offering on-site trained staff, printed and electronic resource materials, Internet access and referrals to other professionals, we can assist you with needs related to Human Resource issues, recruitment, labor laws, licensing, permits, customized training, economic development and entrepreneurial activities.

Business Services are provided by staff from:

Workforce Investment Act Program

Employment Development Department

Yuba County Health and Human Services Department


One Stops Offer to Share Your Employee Training Costs Through On-The Job Training (OJT)   [Read More]

Yuba-Sutter Business Consortium Launches Website - Yuba-Sutter Business Consortium, an association of business assistance organizations that pool resources, just launched its new website. yubasutterbusiness.orgEach consortium organization offers expertise pertinent to the specific needs of the region's businesses. Yuba-Sutter Business Consortium consists of 12 organizations that offer free and low-cost services and technical assistance for business start up and expansion.   [Read More]

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Starting a New Business?   Have an Existing Business?

Check out the full range of free or low cost services, seminars and workshops available to help you succeed and achieve your business goals. Start by contacting the Yuba Community College District Small Business Development Center    [Click Here}

North Central Works- Virtual One Stop

A free Internet based computerized system that utilizes the latest technology to match employer job orders with the most qualified job seekers for high skilled and entry level jobs

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 California Work Sharing Program

Provides payments to employees

who have reduced wages or work hours

A practical alternative to layoffs

[read more]

Job Postings

Let us post your job openings using the California Employment Development Department's Internet based CalJOBS. Our staff can help you target your listing to maximize the result you want. Listings can be obtained over the telephone or you can Fax your opening to us.

Recruitment of Skilled Job Seekers

By continuously assessing the skills of local job seekers and working closely with private and public training providers, we have firsthand knowledge of the local labor resources available to assist you in meeting your skilled labor needs. We offer pre-screening and referral services to help you connect with qualified applicants without a major disruption of your daily business activities.

Conference, Workshop and Meeting Facilities

If you prefer to conduct meetings, workshops or interviews at an off-site location, we can provide you with the space and equipment you need! Large and small conference rooms can be reserved for a low cost fee. Each room can be equipped with internet, television, DVD or VHS and Audio & Video Conference capabilities. Contact our Business Services office at (530) 749-4828 to schedule your activity and discuss your equipment needs!  [ more info ]

Business Training

Do you need to provide training to a group of employees, building new skills or upgrading existing skill sets? Our staff can assist you in assessing what training needs you have and work in cooperation with local training providers to develop a customized training solution to meet your needs.

Tax Credit Information

There are many tax credits and tax incentives available to eligible businesses and their employees. Ask us how the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) , Enterprise Zone and Earned Income Tax Credits might help provide significant savings for you and your employees.

Labor Market Information

Access employment and economic information's such as industry projections, employment statistics, wage information and labor force analysis. Knowledgeable staff are available to assist you in finding the information you are looking for and adapt it to your specific needs.  [ more info ]

Training Cost Reimbursement

Financial incentives to offset the expense of employing and training eligible individuals through our On-The-Job-Training and Work Experience programs can benefit employers by placing job seekers who want to learn new skills with employers who are willing to train them.  [Read More]

Jobs for Youth                                                                                                          

Young job seekers at times, find it difficult connecting with the workforce due to their general lack of experience. We have an experienced staff that works directly with youth and businesses in our area, providing assistance to both parties and achieving a mutually beneficial working relationship. If you are interested in hiring one of our local youth, contact us to see how we may help you.

Downsizing, Layoffs & Closures
Our Rapid Response team will come to your location, regardless of area to assist you and your employees in dealing with issues related to a facility closure or employee layoff. We partner with EDD and various local agencies to provide on-site orientations with one-on-one and group contact. We can even assist company representatives and employees in advance of the layoff date to develop transitional services.

Employing People with Disabilities - A "Win, Win, Win" Strategy    [Read More]

Does Your Business Meet Federal and State Disability Access Rules?

The Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC), VBOC is one of only four Small Business Administration funded business centers in the nation for veterans who own, or are interested in starting a small business. In addition to comprehensive consulting provided by industry experts, VBOC also conducts statewide Town Hall workshops in California, Nevada, and Colorado. These workshops bring both private and public agencies together to provide resources for veterans with small business needs.    (Contact SVRC at right)

Sacramento Veterans Resource Center
7270 East Southgate Drive,

Sacramento, CA 95823

Call: 916.393.VETS
Contact Via Email: SVRC


Free Business Skills

Assessment Services

Kenexa Prove-It Online

Testing Categories

The Yuba County One Stop is pleased to announce that an exciting on-line skills assessment service is now available free of charge to our business clients.

Employers can get verification of a person's skill level in dozens of professional skill areas in a wide variety business categories.  Many of the assessment tests are also offered in multiple languages.

This skills assessment service may be a valuable tool for applicant screening as part of the hiring process or as a tool to assess the skill levels of your current employees to identify areas that might benefit from skills upgrade training.

If you want to assess a group of individuals at the same time, our computer lab at the One Stop can be made available for a group session.  If you prefer to assess a single person or a group of people one at a time, the assessment session can be setup on-line so it can be taken in our facility or on a computer at an employer's business location via the Internet.

Detailed reports showing individual or multiple assessment results can be printed or complete test results may also be automatically emailed to an employer's email address at the completion of each assessment test.

The ProveIt! software also offers tutorial sessions for several commonly used business software programs to build employee skills through hands on training.


Call Center







Microsoft Office 97/2000/2003/XP

Computer Software

Computer Tech Tests

For more information or to take advantage of this skills assessment service, contact Caron Job:

Phone: 530.749.4828


...or simply visit to our One Stop center and ask any of our staff for assistance.

Satisfied customers that have used this service include the Olivehurst Public Utilities District, the City Of Marysville and Yuba County Human Resources

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