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Job seekers can access a wide range of free services in our Resource Center. It offers internet access to CalJOBS and other on-line employment databases and online resources. Staff assistance is available to help those job seekers with job search activities such as developing resumes, completing applications, accessing labor market information, certifying typing speed and providing referrals to other valuable services. Computers, fax machines, printers and telephones are available for customers to use in their job search efforts.
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Resource Room Hours

WIA Services

8:30am to 5:00pm

Monday through Friday

EDD Services

8:00am to 5:00pm

Monday through Friday

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Job Search & Placement
In addition to the Resource Room services, eligible individuals may also receive one-on-one services from a trained employment counselor. These services include skills assessing, job search assistance, resume development, interview skills and coaching, job referrals and much more. After a successful job placement, follow-up services are available to maximize your continued success in the workplace.
Career Assessment & Planning
These services are designed to help individuals develop short term or long-term career goals and then determine what they need to do to reach those career or employment goals. Utilizing a variety of assessment tools, counselors can help identify your current state of work readiness and then provide options for selecting and achieving new directions. Information about on-line self-assessments and career planning tools is also available.                          Free Online Career Interest Profiler                  America's Career InfoNet
Labor Market Information
LMI is extremely useful for someone seeking a specific employment opportunity r researching the options for a new career directions. LMI includes industry trends for growth and decline, the numbers and locations of job opening, skills needed, education and training requirements and prevailing wage data. LMI from local, regional and government agencies provide valuable information to assist you in making sound employment decisions.    [read more]
Classroom Training & Workshops

The One Stop Center is the leading source of information on available training options. Whether you want to pursue new vocational skills, upgrade your existing skills, pursue a GED or learn how to deal with issues affecting you in the workplace, we can provide you with information on the available training opportunities. We have information about public and private training providers, full and part time training options, eligibility requirements, training locations, time requirements and training costs. Eligible individuals may qualify to receive limited financial assistance for work related training.

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Other Training Program Options
Not all work related training takes place in a classroom. There are many occupations for which classroom training is not available. To obtain the skills needed for these occupations, and individual must work for a business that creates the product or provides the services and learn by doing so. This is called On-The-Job-Training (OJT). Through the OJT program, eligible candidates may be placed in training positions with eligible businesses to learn the hands on skills. Unlike classroom training, the OJT trainee earns a wage while learning new career skills.
The Work Experience (WEX)

This program is another tool to assist job seekers in connecting to the workforce. The intent of this program is to help eligible individuals who are not competitive for job opportunities, due to having skills that are not current or having a limited recent work history. Through the WEX program, qualifying individuals are temporarily placed at local work sites so they can update their skills, gain fresh experience and develop a current work history. Successful completion of a short-term work experience often provides the needed boost to regain a competitive edge in the job-seeking environment.

Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) Assistance

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) help trade-affected workers who have lost their jobs as a result of increased imports or shifts in production out of the United States. Certified individuals may be eligible to receive one or more program benefits and services depending on what is needed to return them to employment.          [read more]

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Want to find employers who may be hiring for your specific skills?  Use the Employer Locator to find contact information about a specific employer or list of employers in your area.

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